Virginia Elections

Democrat Amy Ashworth seems to have topped Republican Mike May in the commonwealth’s lawyer’s race for Prince William County and Manassas, succeeding the retiring Paul Ebert. It’s the first time in a long time there wasn’t an incumbent on the ballot. In District 50 in parts of Prince William County and Manassas, Democratic Socialist Lee Carter seems to have overwhelmed Republican Manassas City Councilman Ian Lovejoy. “I’m really wanting forward to governing this commonwealth as a majority of Democrats for the first time in 23 years,” he mentioned. Did you realize that when you register to vote in Virginia, you DO NOT register to vote by party?
A total of 12,213 ballots have been forged in the metropolis’s first election by mail. The City of Bowie announced at about eleven p.m. that Tim Adams has been elected mayor; Henri Gardner and Ingrid Harrison have been elected as at-giant councilmembers.
McQuinn has represented the district since 2009, and voters overwhelming favor Democrats. The 68th district encompasses both city and suburban portions of Richmond, Henrico, and Chesterfield, and voters within the district have favored both Republicans and Democrats in recent statewide elections. Since Why are rodeo bulls so angry of 1947, a Democrat has represented the 63rd district.
The solely exception was the 2018 U.S. Senate race the place Tim Kaine took the district by one share point. Republicans have held Senate District 4 since 1995, and GOP candidates have easily carried the district in the most recent statewide races.
This was a district the place the incumbent gained less than 55 p.c of the vote in the latest election. Incumbent Dawn Adams (D) won election in 2017, receiving 50 % of the vote and defeating her Republican opponent by 0.9 factors. This was a district the place the incumbent won lower than 55 p.c of the vote in the most recent election. Incumbent Riley Ingram (R) won re-election in 2017, receiving fifty two % of the vote and defeating his Democratic opponent by 4 points. This was a district where the incumbent gained lower than 55 % of the vote in the most recent election.
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