Prince Andrew's communications specialist quits after less than a month

"Teenage 'intercourse slave' Virginia Roberts claims she was paid £10,000 by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew". The Independent. London. Prince Andrew's internal circle enlisted a forensic team to analyze whether two photographs linking the British royal to disgraced financier and alleged human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein have been doctored as a part of an elaborate “stitch-up” scheme, according to a report printed Sunday.
Now, she desires to see the men who she says sexually abused and assaulted her to go to prison too - allegedly together with Prince Andrew. The company Andrew keeps has typically been a supply of controversy for the Royals, with the duke coming beneath fireplace in current months for his friendship with Epstein. Meanwhile, Kaituni’s presence at Tuesday's occasion will raise further questions concerning the Duke’s judgement.
"The Duke of York to be Patron of the University of Huddersfield". ITV News. 2 July 2013.
The 60 Minutes preview contains a moment where Virginia pulls out the picture of her with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell that the royal has said is faux. Prince Andrew visited Epstein on Epstein's atoll within the US Virgin Islands - which was dubbed Paedophile Island due to the stream of young girls arriving. How absentee votes are counted of York has hired a political spin doctor to assist rebuild his status because it emerged Channel four is making a documentary about his friendship with the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
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